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New Retailer Sample Box

  • Welcome new retailers! 


    Hope you are as excited to sample out our candles for your retail store as we are! As a new potential retailer, we would like to give you a good sense of what our candles, scents, and small business is all about! In your sample box you will recieve one large candle and a variety of wax melts in different scents. 


    We encourage you to burn the candle to enjoy our candles in full effect. We pride our business on clean burning, long lasting and beautiful scented candles. Remember to trim your wick to 1/4'' before each burn and let the wax melting pool burn to the edge of the jar before blowing out the candle, this will help the candle burn evenly. 


    Our wax melts will let you sample out all the different scents we have available in our candles. You can enjoy the wax melts in any wax burner or simply open the wax melt container to sample out the different  scents.   

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